British Made

Past Vintage is a brand that represents and celebrates the true heritage of British manufacturing.
The various components that make up our products are sourced from the heart of England in Walsall and manufactured in Somerset.

Our Values

Hand finished leather from J&E Sedgwick’s has been selected to form our briefcases, this vegetable tanned leather is world renowned for its premium selection and fine bridle finish. The craftsmanship and skills used at Sedgwick’s is still representative of the techniques used when they first opened their doors in 1900.

The Buckles

...are from Abbey England’s foundry, first established in 1982, smelted around the corner from Sedgwick’s in Walsall. Completing the production, all elements of the Past Vintage briefcase are sent down to Somerset where they are expertly cut and sew parts of the briefcase together.

Each Bag proudly embossed with the official company logo, this is our way of saying to the customer that they’ve helped support the idea that crafted leather products are destined to be pasted down from generation to generation.

The fibres in the leather

...we use have been compressed down using a process called curriering. This technique has been used for centuries as it’s a great way to increase the strength of the leather.

This is a manual job, allowing the staff member to manipulate the leather in any direction, stretching the material using a tool called the slicker. By doing this, fibres within the leather will be compact, ensuring the quality is good enough to be tested to a tensile strength certification when leaving the finishers.

For this reason, we choose J&E Sedgwick’s leather as its so unique for a leather finishes to be practicing in this way still and producing high quality bridle leather is the result from using these skills.

leather fibres

A true gap in the market

...was discovered by the company founder, Jordan Kirby, after purchasing a 1940’s British briefcase bag he questioned the functionality of his purchase.

He set about adapting a new design using quality leather, ensuring it became more practical whilst keeping it fashionable for the modern world.

Quality is everything, starting with the materials sourced. Using well known manufacturers of leather such as Sedgwick’s the Past Vintage ensures their products don’t miss the mark.