Our Factory

As you will notice, the attention to detail runs from start to finish in our products. The way in which leather is stitched together gives that extra feeling of fine finishing. Each panel is meticulously sewn edge by edge, piece by piece. Ensuring the strength and elegance that runs from within the Sedgwick leather is subtly observed from the outside design.

Here is where our vegetable tanned leather is placed in the cutting press to divide the bridle leather sheets into individual panels. Each panel will then be kept in the same batch to ensure colours are kept consistent throughout production of your briefcase.

Edge finishing is key to the final look of quality in Past Vintage product’s, so this is all done by hand.

Once left to dry, the panels are machine sewn one at a time, during this time another area of the factory floor will be working on attaching the buckles to their straps using leather specific adhesive.

All panels now merged together, the completed straps are handed over to the finishing area of the workshop where the final assembly takes place. At these final stages in production your embossed ‘Handmade in England’ stamp is proving true to its name.