Our Materials

EST: 1900

No of employees: 19

J&E Sedgwick’s was founded right in the heart of England. The finishing factory is based in Walsall, where the town is known to live and breathe leather manufacturing of all kinds. Once more than 330 tanneries operated in the UK, now only four are left fully manufacturing by taking raw hides and processing them into beautiful pieces of leather. What makes Sedgwick material so specialized is the way in which they continue to practice in the same way they always have.

Bridle leather is world renowned for its strength and performance, after it has been put through some very hands on manufacturing processes these qualities contribute to a formidable reputation. The high shine finish of bridle leather is put down to the layers of hand sprayed waxes and pigments used to dye and colour the fibres of the leather.


Total wastage

Our leather has up to a 90% cutting efficiency per hide which leads to minimal wastage. During the tanning process, the leather is inspected and is passed through numerous quality control checks. This rigorous procedure outlines just why our tannery is a leader in producing finished British bridle leather.

Leather Production Time

Globally, the use of chrome tanned leather is far greater than vegetable tanned leather. On average, the process of chrome tanning takes between 1-2 days. Vegetable tanning can vary from several weeks to even years.

Chrome Tan

Veg Tan

EST: 1982

No of employees: 60

This family run business also operates in Walsall, England. The brass buckles that are used on our briefcases are just one of the many products to be distributed from the doors of Abbey England. The skills of smelting raw metal have been passed down from generation to generation of workers at Abbey’s foundry and this age old tradition produces royalty approved results.

Established in 1922, Daines and Hathaway’s production has found itself operating from Walsall in the early days and now Yeovil, Somerset. After almost 100 years of creating quintessential English leather goods, created by hand and machine, their reputation of quality proceeds them. This was essential during our search for a company to deliver the production of your briefcase, as perfection is nothing less than what we offer.

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